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 The Unpatriotism and Criminality of Adama Barrow
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Posted - 19 Nov 2021 :  12:10:12  Show Profile Send Momodou a Private Message  Reply with Quote
The Unpatriotism and Criminality of Adama Barrow and Mamma Kandeh
By Madi Jobarteh

When Adama Barrow first inched towards APRC and Yaya Jammeh, people of conscience raised concern that the move was irresponsible and a threat to the country. This is because all Gambians of conscience know that Yaya Jammeh is not only an evil scumbag but he has always been hellbent on destroying this country whether he is the president or not.

But naive people and the dishonest and the ignorant shouted that this is democracy where there is freedom of association. That APRC has a right as a legally registered party to form an alliance with anyone. That Yaya Jammeh was a citizen! Stupid.

The worse and the most disgusting and dishonest claim came from none other than the President of the Republic of The Gambia Adama Barrow that his decision was aimed at reconciliation and that this despicably shameful decision was the best decision he has ever made.

I hereby put it to the President that his decision is the most stupid, dishonest, goddamn ignorant decision ever in the history of decision making on earth!
Nothing can be more irresponsible and ignorant than that criminal and unpatriotic statement like that.

Democracy is about human rights and accountability. Hence no democracy will entertain a regime, and a tyrant and a bigoted party that have damaged rights with impunity for so long yet today we ignore those violations in the name of a so-called freedom of association. Stupid.
The stupidity of that presidential decision has now become incontrovertibly clear like noonday sun. Thanks to that disgraceful presidential decision today Yaya Jammeh has become a real divisive topic in the country, not about how the Government should take measures to immediately extradite and prosecute him, but for his hateful and dangerous involvement in the elections thanks to one Adama Barrow thereby further dividing the country and threatening peace.

Is it not shameful therefore that the very first person who caused this madness in the first place for his own selfish interests is now the champion in condemning GDC and Mamma Kandeh for associating with Yaya Jammeh? Isnít it a shame that Barrow will have the guts to now come back to threaten Mamma Kandeh for what he himself has deliberately and irresponsibly created?

Therefore should we stay silent and fail to hold Adama Barrow by the neck for attempting to destroy our country because of his stinking greed and filthy dishonesty, just like Yaya Jammeh before him? How could any Gambian, after living through and seeing and experiencing and knowing the merciless injuries inflicted on fellow citizens by Yaya Jammeh and APRC, would have the audacity to embrace that tyrant and his evil party today?

No Gambian who claims to be patriotic and is imbued with the sense of justice and humanity should be calm and still. Rather such a citizen should be uncontrollably angry that once again a bunch of stupid and selfish individuals are abusing our mandate to pursue selfish interests to the detriment of our children and ourselves!

How many Gambian women and girls were raped by Yaya Jammeh and his agents? How many Gambians were killed by this tyrant? How many Gambians died overseas in exile yet even their bodies were refused by the evil APRC regime to come back home to be buried? Why should any citizen respect Adama Barrow and Mamma Kandeh for their gross selfishness in destroying our country! Stupid.

Barrow and Kandeh know more than anyone who and what Yaya Jammeh and APRC represent for The Gambia? Barrow and Kandeh know without a shred of doubt that Yaya Jammeh and APRC until today continue to strongly and shamefully deny their gruesome track record of rapes, tortures, enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killings and looting of public wealth.

Why are Yaya Jammeh and his supporters quick to point to UTG, GRTS, roads, bridges and the airport as the good things done by Yaya Jammeh and APRC, but will refuse to accept that it was also Yaya Jammeh who created and ordered the Junglers and the NIA to detain, rape, torture, disappear and kill Gambians, and interfered with the courts to unlawfully jail Gambians, and used the APRC-dominated National Assembly to create bad laws, and used the police to illegally arrest, beat and detain innocent citizens beyond 72 hours, and used the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank to loot our money, etc, etc, etc! Stupid.

Up to today, Yaya and APRC go even further to shamelessly ridicule, insult and destroy victims with so much rudeness and happiness.

Not just that, but Yaya and APRC have further dedicated themselves to destroying and discrediting any institution, organization, process and individual who is working to expose the truth about their carnage and misrule and bring about justice and accountability.

Yet, Adama Barrow as the head of state of this country and Mamma Kandeh who is seeking to lead this same country would have the temerity without shame or fear go to embrace that unrepentant, unremorseful Tinpot Dictator and his evil party. And both he and Kandeh have the courage to tell us that is about reconciliation and national interest! Stupid.

Indeed thereís not a greater scumbag in this country than Adama Barrow and Yaya Jammeh and now joined by Mamma Kandeh!

Shameful souls fit for only hellfire.

Fellow Gambians, one can choose to rationalize things just to continue to take them for granted or with indifference, as typical of us. But sober citizens have already seen very early and clearly that our country is once again under threat by its own elected leaders and those who are seeking to lead it. These people believe in nothing and will not stop at nothing in seeking their selfish interests even it that means The Gambia burns down into ashes. The sooner we stand up to defend the Republic the better for you and me and the future!

For The Gambia Our Homeland

A clear conscience fears no accusation - proverb from Sierra Leone
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