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 Gorgi Mboob accused of police brutality and tortur
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Posted - 25 Jul 2020 :  21:08:12  Show Profile Send Momodou a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Gorgi Mboob accused of attacking Ebrima Sanneh in his genitals

By Flex Dan

I received complaints from the brother of one Ebrima Sanneh and an eye witness who was also arrested by the Anti Crime Unit that one Ebrima Sanneh was viciously attacked by Gorgi Mboob, Head of Anti Crime Unit (ACU).

This is the same Gorgi Mboob who appeared before the Truth Commission and confessed to committing human rights violations during the April 10/11 2000 Students Massacre.

This time Gorgi Mboob used a farming implement resembling a hoe to hit one Ebrima Sanneh from Brikama in his genitals because Ebrima got into an altercation with an Officer for felling a cob of corn.

It all started on the late night /early morning of 24th July 2020. According to an eye witness who was also arrested with Ebrima and over 25 others, ACU Officers raided a nightclub in the Duplex Area. Multiple ACU officers came with three pickups "tangal fofu yep" kicked up a real storm.

Soon, all the men were arrested and the women were allowed to leave. Upon asking what the charges were they were informed that they were being charged for being in a public gathering.

They were then placed in a cell with some 50 people. According to the eye witness that was also another public gathering. In the morning Gorgi Mboob arrived and asked about their charges and then ordered the detainees to do hard labour in the farms before being released.

It was around midday when the farming work commenced in the blazing hot sun said the witness. As the work progressed Ebrima mistakenly fell one of the corn cobs sparking an altercation between an ACU Security Officer and Ebrima. The ACU Officer complained to Gorgi Mboob who begun to address Ebrima. Things soon escalated resulting in abuse from Gorgi Mboob who fired a volley of "saga ndey" mother insults towards Ebrima said the witness.

Then came the blows after which Gorgi Mboob held him by the scruff of the neck and used a farming implement to hit Ebrima in his genitals. Forcing Ebrima to collapse to the ground screaming.

Ebrima was helped up after which he urinated blood in the presence of those around said the witness. At sight of this Ebrima warned Gorgi Mboob that he was bleeding in the genitals in an attempt to access medical attention said the witness. This drew no pity from Gorgi Mboob who ordered for Ebrima to be returned to the cells and refused his release.

Ebrima was held at ACU until after 6 in the evening of 24th July 2020 when relatives and friends went to ACU to bail him as Gorgi Mboob insisted that he be bailed. That's how Ebrima was rushed to the hospital. According to his relatives Ebrima can't urinate without any help. He is in serious pain and needs specialist medical attention urgently.

As I conclude this publication I am also receiving reports that ACU Officers are demanding to take Ebrima back to the ACU cells in Bijilo because they are talking to the media. Doctors are demanding that Ebrima will not be taken to the cells in his current condition.

#PoliceBrutality #AntiCrimeUnit #GorgiMboob

Source: Gainako Online Newspaper

A clear conscience fears no accusation - proverb from Sierra Leone


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Posted - 25 Jul 2020 :  21:14:15  Show Profile Send Momodou a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Fatu Network reported earlier today

Reports of alleged police brutality involving the head of the police anti-crime unit have just reached us. A team of police officers led by SO Sarr (seen in shorts with a backpack) of the anti-crime in Bijilo are currently at the Kanifing Hospital escorting 26-year-old Ebrima Sanneh who appears to be in serious pain after being allegedly beaten by Police Anti-Crime Chief Gorgi Mboob. Mr Mboob allegedly beat Sanneh on his private parts leaving the young man not being able to pass urine since Friday morning when the incident allegedly happened. A The Fatu Network reporter who was at the hospital saw a team of police officers and family of Ebrima, where doctors are scrambling to make Ebrima urinate. Ebrima could be heard crying in pain. The incident allegedly happened while Ebrima who lives in Brikama was detained at Anti-Crime in Bijilo. Police spokesman Superintendent Lamin Njie has not been able to immediately comment on the issue.

A clear conscience fears no accusation - proverb from Sierra Leone
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Posted - 25 Jul 2020 :  21:21:37  Show Profile Send Momodou a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Public Petition
By Madi Jobarteh

Hold Gorgui Mboob Accountable for Tortures

I, Madi Jobarteh, hereby demand the Inspector General of Police Alh. Mamour Jobe to immediately suspend the Head of the Anti Crime Unit Gorgui Mboob and subject him and the Unit to investigation for Tortures.

Mr. Mboob was named in the April 10 and 11 Commission of Inquiry for committing torture against Gambian schoolchildren. He had testified before the TRRC on instances of committing torture as a law enforcement officer and had attempted to lie about it.

Mr. Mboob and officers of the the Anti-Crime Unit have been accused for allegedly committing several incidents of torture, corruption and abuse of power.

The most recent allegation of torture and abuse of power by Mr. Mboob is the case of one Ebrima Sanneh. Ebrima was arrested and subjected to forced labour at the Anti Crime Unit compound. He alleged that he was physically manhandled by Gorgui Mboob, thereby causing severe bodily injuries to him, leading to his hospitalization.

As a citizen of The Gambia, I demand that the Inspector General of Police Alh. Mamour Jobe institute an investigation into the allegations of torture by Gorgui Mboob and the Anti-Crime Unit. Similarly, I hereby demand the Minister of Justice Dawda A. Jallow to open investigations on Gorgui Mboob and the Anti-Crime Unit.

I hereby call on the families and friends of victims of Gorgui Mboob and the Anti-Crime Unit and indeed all citizens to individually or collectively file petition before the National Human Rights Commission to open public investigations on Mr. Gorgui Mboob and the Anti Crime Unit, and publicly release its findings.

No to torture, no police brutality, and no more impunity in The Gambia.

No to torture, no police brutality, and no more impunity in The Gambia. #NeverAgain

A clear conscience fears no accusation - proverb from Sierra Leone
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Posted - 25 Jul 2020 :  21:25:04  Show Profile Send Momodou a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Face to Face with Gorgi Mboob - Did he Torture Ebrima Sanneh in his Genitals?

By Flex Dan

Earlier last night I received reports about alleged human rights violations on one Ebrima Sanneh from Brikama. I was warned that ACU officers had pursued Ebrima Sanneh to the hospital to return him to the cell last night of 24th July 2020. Doctors refused to discharge him because of his medical condition, however, this late morning of 25th July 2020 before midday Ebrima's brother, Lamin Sanneh informed me that ACU Officers had re-arrested his brother from the hospital and taken him to the ACU in Bijilo.

This prompted me to visit Gorgi Mboob and enquire about the safety and whereabouts of Ebrima. After arriving at the ACU I was informed that Ebrima's father had facilitated his release before I arrived at 14:00 hours. Today 25th July 2020 I visited the ACU in Bijilo where I meet Gorgi Mboob. I went with one witness Nacee Marenah but I was not allowed to see Commissioner Mboob with her. I had to meet Gorgi Mboob on my own.

When I meet Gorgi Mboob he was sat with three other officers and I recognised one of them named Jobe whom I greeted by name together with "Go" Gorgi Mboob. I also greeted the rest of the officers around. I explained to Commissioner Mboob that there are allegations of torture against ACU officers and specifically on him. That the allegations were serious and I came to give him the opportunity to respond to those allegations.

He explained that he has had a number of media requests which he declined but he would see me because silence appears as though he has accepted the allegations on him. I asked him if he used a hoe to hit Ebrima Sanneh in his genitals? This he denied explaining that the young man was farming and then he fell. He explained that he believes the young man must have meet up with a prostitute the previous night before and was suffering from Gonorrhoea (a sexually transmitted disease).

At this point Gorgi Mboob had ordered one of his officers to bring the original hospital report so I could see. He reiterated that I will not be allowed to take a copy or a photo but I could see the report. We then started perusing through the two page medical report dated 25th July 2020. In summary the first page showed that Ebrima's abdomen and pelvis were ok, however, it highlights that his scrotum had experienced trauma. Scrotum is the region where the testicles are located. The second page also highlights that Ebrima's testicles were swollen.

At the start of reading through the document Gorgi Mboob was adamant that nothing had happened to Ebrima and the medical records show that he was ok. When I highlighted the trauma written in the report he replied to say trauma can happen even if you're sitting here doing nothing. I continued through the entire document and kept asking more questions.

I then asked Gorgi Mboob if he had ordered the detainees to do hard labour work in the farm. He did not deny that he had done so. I asked him if he had fired bullets with his Officers while the detainees were doing hard labour in the farm. To this he said that "what does our training have to do with the ngoss ngoss (weeding the farm)?" I explained that the detainees are civilians and that they don't know about guns, they were scared. To this he explained that they were not using live ammunition but blanks for training.

I put it to him that other detainees who witnessed the scene alleged that he, Gorgi Mboob used a hoe to hit Ebrima in his genitals. Gorgi Mboob denied that he attacked him and that "when you fight crime, crime will also fight you back".

Asked him if his Officers had pursued Ebrima at the hospital to re arrest him he did not deny it and explained that he had asked his officer to follow up with the matter.

I had no recording device with me and had to transcribe my conversation with him from memory soon after meeting him at the ACU in Bijilo. We meet at the entrance of the ACU Offices, accessing the building through the right side.

#NoToPoliceBrutality #GorgiMboob #AntiCrimeUnit

Source: Gainako Online Newspaper

A clear conscience fears no accusation - proverb from Sierra Leone
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Posted - 26 Jul 2020 :  00:06:01  Show Profile Send Momodou a Private Message  Reply with Quote
The False Press Release from the IGP Mamour Jobe
By Madi Jobarteh

What a lie!

I talked with the family, the brother of Ebrima Sanneh and he confirmed that Ebrima was hit!

All eye witness accounts confirm that Ebrima was hit by Gorgui Mboob.

Journalist Flex Dan interviewed Gorgui Mboob today and Mboob only talked about prostitutes, trauma and gonorrhea affecting Ebrima. He never mentioned abdominal pain rather he said the medical report only referred to inflammation of the scrotum of Ebrima! He denied ever hitting Ebrima even though everyone saw him do so!

Therefore how did the IGP come up with this cock and bull story of abdominal pain.? How can abdominal pain cause a man to be unable to urinate or urinate blood?

Does IGP Mamour Jobe think he is still in the Yaya Jammeh era when Government officials would vomit stupid stinking lies in the face of citizens and go scot-free? Why is Pres. Adama Barrow keeping this man in this position in the first place up to this time?

I find this press release to be grossly false, extremely annoying and criminal. Why should the IGP lie to Gambians on a matter that concerns the rights and life of a Gambian! Is he ok?

By this press release alone IGP Mamour Jobe does not fit to lead The Gambia Police! He must resign now and we will make sure he is sacked ASAP!

If Mamour Jobe can acknowledge public appreciation of Kaddy Jarju just this week why would he not acknowledge public disapproval of Gorgui Mboob? What interests is Mamour Jobe protecting or benefiting in protecting Gorgui Mboob? That’s the answer we need!

Why would the IGP cover up abuse by his officers? That’s criminal and unlawful for which IGP Mamour Jobe must be dismissed immediately.

This press release is nothing but a bunch of lies, a stinking cover up and a criminal attempt to hide the abusive attitude of Gorgui Mboob and the Anti Crime Unit!

This shows that the IGP Alh. Mamour Jobe is the Number 1 criminal in The Gambia!


The Office of the Inspector General of Police has noticed with great concern a story circulating on social media with caption "Gorgi Mboob accused of attacking Ebrima Sanneh in his genitals".

This story is not only false but calculated to mislead the public.

Today Saturday the 25th of July 2020 around 05:00hrs, the Police Anti Crime Unit received a call for assistance as certain individuals were fighting outside the former Duplex Night Club. A team of Officers were dispatched to the location where they effected arrest on certain individuals.

The parents of the arrested persons were called and it was during this time when Ebrima Sanneh complain of abdominal pain. He was given police escort together with his family members to the hospital. Medical examination was conducted on him and he was said to be without any complications as indicated in an ultrasound scan report.

For verification purposes, his family can be contacted.

The Inspector General's Office strongly advise all bloggers, writers, and journalist to verify facts on security matters before publication. The cooperation of the public is highly solicited.


Source: Poliso Magazine FB

A clear conscience fears no accusation - proverb from Sierra Leone
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Posted - 26 Jul 2020 :  00:10:36  Show Profile Send Momodou a Private Message  Reply with Quote
KERR FATOU: Just spoke to a Family member of Ebrima Sanneh and they have rubbished the Police statement. “Ebrima will speak when he feels better “ our contact said.

A clear conscience fears no accusation - proverb from Sierra Leone
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Posted - 26 Jul 2020 :  14:26:02  Show Profile Send Momodou a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Dear IGP Mamour Jobe,

26 July 2020, Kembujeh

Arrest and Prosecute Gorgui Mboob

Why are you protecting Gorgui Mboob and allowing torture and corruption to continue to prevail in The Gambia Police Force. In the first place Gorgui Mboob should have been dismissed from the Police a long time ago since he was mentioned by the April 10 and 11 Commission of Inquiry for committing torture. This was never done.

Secondly he should have been sent on administrative leave when he confessed to torture and lying before the TRRC. Yet you left him there and then even promoted him.

Thirdly you have received numerous reports of torture and corruption levied against Gorgui Mboob including from me yet you ignore those reports. I had written to you In November 2018 to investigate the Anti Crime Unit. But you chose to ignore all calls and reports. Why?

Lastly the Faraba Commission Report recommended that the IGP reviews all police officers and those confirmed to have committed torture should be removed. It is confirmed that Gorgui Mboob is a Torturer yet you still keep him in the Police. Why?

Mr. IGP Mamour Jobe, why should a police officer physically hit a citizen when that citizen did not pose any threat or resist arrest? This is what Gorgui Mboob does all throughout his career!

I have personally conducted a human rights training for tens of police officers from 2011 to 2013. In one of those trainings at TANGO conference hall Gorgui Mboob was a participant. In that workshop Gorgui Mboob indicated to me that he does not believe in human rights and he believed that torture works!

Why therefore is this torturer and criminal in our national uniform?

It appears that you, IGP Mamour Jobe has an interest and benefit with Gorgui Mboob which is why you always protect him. It means you do not also believe in human rights but rather you also believe in torture and corruption which is why Gorgui Mboob is a protected officer in our noble Police.

If you fail to arrest and prosecute Gorgui Mboob rest assured that you are doing nothing but aiding and abetting abuse of power and police brutality for which you will pay a heavy price. We will make sure you are pursued until you face justice and accountability!

I am putting it to you Alh. Mamour Jobe that decent Gambians like myself will not accept and allow any elected and appointed public official to abuse our sovereign rights with impunity ever again. You want to maintain dictatorship in this country but rest assured you shall not succeed.

I hereby call on all decent Gambian police officers to stand against police brutality and corruption from within your ranks! Demand your leadership to cleanse the Police off of criminals, torturers and corrupt offices!

Protect the integrity and image of the Police by demanding adherence to human rights standards and the rule of law. Remember you are not serving Mamour Jobe rather you are serving your own mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers. Imagine if Ebrima Sanneh was your brother would you accept what Gorgui Mboob did to him?

I hereby demand IGP Mamour Jobe to immediately arrest Gorgui Mboob and prosecute him for torture, corruption and lying under oath! I demand the Minister of Interior Yankuba Sonko to ensure that the IGP takes urgent actions to bring Gorgui Mboob to book immediately. Failure to do so I demand Pres. Adama Barrow to dismiss both the Interior Minister Yankuba Sonko and the IGP Alh. Mamour Jobe forthwith!

Gorgui Mboob is not the kind of police officer the Gambian people deserve! He is a criminal!

In the Service of The Gambia, I remain

Madi Jobarteh

A clear conscience fears no accusation - proverb from Sierra Leone
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Posted - 26 Jul 2020 :  18:15:19  Show Profile Send Momodou a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Statement from Ebrima Sanneh:

I Was Arrested on Friday Early Morning and Tortured by Gorgi Mboob on Saturday, 26th July 2020

By Ebrima Sanneh

Dear Gambian brothers and sisters:

I write this press statement to thank you all for your solidarity and messages of support during this tough period. My attention has been brought to a publication from Poliso Magazine social media account titled “False News, in the matter of Ebrima Sanneh’s alleged Torture”. This press release aimed to refute news reports that I was tortured which is actually the fact.

However, the publication also highlighted that “for verification purposes, his [Ebrima Sanneh’s] family can be contacted”. Given the seriousness of this matter I am compelled to put it in writing that I was tortured and that the publication by Poliso Magazine contains numerous inaccuracies which are evidently wrong.

It is important to note that Poliso Magazine or the authors of the release did not contact me to get my account of the incident. I am disappointed that the police are quick to jump to conclusions and cover up rather than conduct a proper investigation to get to the facts of the issue.

Firstly, I was at Kanifing Hospital by 5am in the early morning of Saturday 25th July 2020. I was actually arrested around 3am to 4am in the early hours of Friday 24th July 2020. I was arrested from Ice Lounge with almost 30 other people.

All of us were held in one cell and forced to weed grass in the gardens and farm of Anti Crime Unit in Bijilo the next morning. As we continued weeding the grass, I mistakenly felled a corn plant and that’s when Gorgi Mboob attacked me. Gorgi Mboob punched me in the face and then hit me with a hoe on my private part after snatching it from my hand.
I was semi-conscious and left on the field like that in pain for what felt like over 40 to 50 mins without any medical attention. When I got up to urinate, I was in a lot of pain urinating abnormally and discharged what looked like blood. I was then sent back to the cells for further detention.

In fact, I was re-arrested with no warrant or charge around midday of Saturday 25th July 2020 from Kanifing Hospital and dragged back to the Anti-Crime Unit in Bijilo. This time my relatives and friends came to get me and Gorgi Mboob actually pleaded for forgiveness and then I left.

I am currently seeking medical attention as I am in serious pain and request for the public's continued support and the required space and time to recover physically. I am also requesting that the Police retracts their statement denying my torture. I and my family are currently seeking legal advice.
We appreciate all the support we have been getting and continue to depend on it. For the Gambia our Homeland. We strive and work and pray. That all may live in unity, freedom and peace each day.

Ebrima Sanneh


A clear conscience fears no accusation - proverb from Sierra Leone
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Posted - 27 Jul 2020 :  18:49:42  Show Profile Send Momodou a Private Message  Reply with Quote
The Gambia Police Force Press Release: I have more questions!
By Alagie-Saidy Barrow

Human beings in general don’t like anything that puts them in an unfavorable light. And generally, when faced with anything we deem a threat to our reputation or freedom, we often revert to our instinct of survival first. If the threat is an accusation against us, our survival instinct is to deny the accusation with our version of events. Accused of torturing a fellow Gambian citizen, GPF chose to release a statement on the allegations and goes on a denial marathon short on specifics and raising doubts in me.

The GPF first tells us about the concern they have about a story “circulating on social media.” Then the very next sentence goes on the defensive and they claim the “story is .... calculated to mislead the public.” You know, as if there’s some dark force out there that somehow learned about Ebrima Sanneh’s ordeal and decided to manufacture a story and “mislead the public.” They never hesitated to arrest Madi who didn’t accuse them of anything and simply called for accountability. In this instance, GPF is accused of brutalizing a Gambian citizen! That accusation is far more serious. Somehow, instead of going after the “dark force” that manufactured this story and “calculated” it to “mislead the public”, they simply reacted with a press release! Was what Madi said more dangerous or is it because it was Madi?

I don’t want to get into an academic exercise of dissecting the press release but in my mind, when I see words like “certain individuals” were fighting and “certain individuals” were arrested (no concrete numbers), it points my mind to a lack of self-reference and raises questions for me. Often, when one wants to deceive, they take themselves out of the equation. It becomes “this happened” as opposed to saying “I did this”.

Importantly, in any scenario, there’s always a before, during and after. Some call this the prologue, event and aftermath. So when we look at the GPF statement, two sentences were dedicated to the prologue. Call was received, officers dispatched and arrests made! Significant gaps are within the statement and leaves one wondering what happened when and where.

The event is that “the parents of the arrested persons were called and it was during this time that Ebrima Sanneh complained of abdominal pain.” What relevance does the “parents of the arrested persons” being called have to do Ebrima’s abdominal pain? Could it be something else more relevant to the abdominal pain happened that is not mentioned? And because the abdominal pain has to be linked to something, the call to the parents just became a filler? The call to the parents is almost an equivocation but I’m not sure it’s even good enough to labeled thusly.

They also said “... He was given police escort together with his family members...” This is what I meant earlier by the lack of self-reference! Who authorized “Police escort”? It is also very typical for anyone accused of anything to never place themselves at the same location with the accuser! They try to stay as far away as possible from the scene. Did the GPF have reason not to place the Commissioner around the accuser?

This statement though is the one that I’m the most baffled by: Medical examination was conducted on him and he was said to be “WITHOUT ANY COMPLICATIONS AS INDICATED IN AN ULTRASOUND SCAN REPORT.” So Ebrima’s parents were called, he complained of abdominal pain and was taken to the hospital with police escort and family members and somehow there was a magical ultrasound scan that was able to determine there wasn’t “any complications” at all! Incredible ultrasound machine that must be and I wonder which doctor conducted the medical examination to conclusively determine that Ebrima is “without any complications.”

Then the cherry on top is “for verification purposes, his (Ebrima Sanneh’s) family can be contacted.” This is what is called an oath. It’s like the one that swears to god or reminds you of who they are and their honor. GPF cannot say they “swear to God” and but in order to convince us of their position, they ask us to contact the family! Really???

Since they say we should verify facts on security matters before publication, I take this opportunity to ask them if this press release is really an accurate depiction of events as they happened? Or are they peeing on us and telling us it’s raining?

A clear conscience fears no accusation - proverb from Sierra Leone
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Posted - 28 Jul 2020 :  18:59:17  Show Profile Send toubab1020 a Private Message  Reply with Quote


Edition: Tuesday, July 28, 2020 at 4:54 PM

Jul 28, 2020, 11:18 AM
Gorgi Mboob, the commander of the Anti Crime Unit (ACU) of The Gambia Police Force has been put under administrative leave amid torture allegation; The Point has been reliably informed.

The Office of the Inspector General of Police has also set up a high profile investigation into the alleged torture of Ebrima Sanneh, a native of Brikama who accused Gorgi Mboob of gross human rights violation including forced labour.

“Mr. Mboob is put under administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation,” a source familiar with the matter told our reporter.

“An investigation was conducted on allegation involving Gorgi Mboob, who is alleged to have taken D14 million from one Lamin Kanteh. However, the investigation revealed that the money was not recovered from Anti Crime Unit of GPF,” our source added.

"Simple is good" & I strongly dislike politics. You cannot defend the indefensible.
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Posted - 08 Oct 2020 :  22:40:44  Show Profile Send Momodou a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Breaking: NHRC calls for Gorgi Mboob Disciplinary Action & Ebrima Sanneh Compensation

The Gambia’s National Human Rights Commission, NHRC, have published the conclusion and recommendations of their investigation on the alleged torture of Ebrima Sanneh by Anti Crime Unit Commissioner, Gorgi Mboob which occurred on 25th July 2020. The investigation concluded that “Ebrima was assaulted by Commissioner Gorgi Mboob on his private parts” and that “Ebrima Sanneh and his colleagues were also subjected to forced labour while in detention.”

The presser which recommends that the Inspector General of Police (IGP) should “take disciplinary measures against Commissioner Gorgi Mboob, and to consider his redeployment from the Anti-Crime Unit” claims “to receive positive feedback from the IGP in a letter dated 28th September of his intention to implement the recommendations”. Below is the press release from the NHRC.

Joint Findings and Recommendations into the Alleged Human Rights Violations against Ebrima Sanneh.

NHRC/PR/ 08102020/001 (08)

The joint investigative panel into the alleged human rights violations against Ebrima Sanneh is pleased to share its findings and recommendations with the general public. On the 25th of July 2020 disturbing news emerged that a young man, later identified as one Ebrima Sanneh, had been allegedly assaulted with a hoe on his private parts by Commissioner Gorgi Mboob, head of the Anti-Crime Unit in Bijilo. Ebrima and others were arrested and detained for being in a night club where fighting was allegedly reported to have occurred and for possibly violating COVID-19 emergency regulations.

The panel, which was chaired by the NHRC and comprised of representatives of the Gambia Police Force, the Ministry of Interior, the Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (TANGO) and The Gambia Bar Association received testimonies from seventeen (17) witnesses including Ebrima Sanneh and Commissioner Gorgi Mboob. The panel also obtained medical evidence from the Kanifing General Hospital and interviewed the Medical Doctor that treated Ebrima. The premises of the Anti-Crime Unit in Bijilo was visited to assess the scene of the alleged assault and a detailed report has been shared and well received by the Inspector General of Police (IGP) and relevant State authorities.

The panel found that the arrest of Ebrima Sanneh and his colleagues was unwarranted as there was no fighting at the night club as alleged by the Police and the Police did not state that the arrest of Ebrima and colleagues was due to breaches of the emergency regulations. Ebrima Sanneh and his colleagues were also subjected to forced labour while in detention and Ebrima was assaulted by Commissioner Gorgi Mboob on his private parts. The medical report showed that unlike rumours of a Sexually Transmitted Infection, Ebrima suffered from trauma on his genitals as a result of the assault. The report, however, concluded that there was no lasting internal damage. On this basis, the panel made general and specific recommendations on police conduct, assault, forced labour and procedures surrounding arrests.

Key recommendations made by the panel include:

• The Police to pay monetary compensation to Ebrima Sanneh for the wrongfully inflicted pain and suffering.

• The Inspector General of Police to take disciplinary measures against Commissioner Gorgi Mboob, and to consider his redeployment from the Anti-Crime Unit.

• The Inspector General of Police to always ensure that police officers follow due process in the arrest and detention of suspects at all times. Law enforcement officers have the obligation to fully respect the rights and liberties of suspects no matter the gravity of their alleged crimes.

• The Inspector General of Police to provide all police officers, as soon as is practicable, pocket notebooks for record-keeping as well as registers to record the detention and release of all persons under their custody.

• The Inspector General of Police to ensure that no detainee under the custody of the Police anywhere is subject to forced labour of any kind. The Police should hire the services of people to perform cleaning, clearing and other menial work.

• In collaboration with the Police, NHRC should support in the design and implementation of relevant training on human rights-based approaches to policing and human rights in general, especially for officers of the Anti-Crime Unit. This should be preceded by a training needs assessment to effectively inform capacity building programmes.

General recommendations of the panel focused on conducive working environment for police officers, including the availability of equipment and technology for effective service, standardized cells and detention centres with good ventilation, better hygienic and toilet facilities and separation of women and juveniles. Officers’ training on the use of force must also be reinforced to ensure that the rights of all persons are respected under law regardless of their alleged crime.

“I am pleased to receive positive feedback from the IGP in a letter dated 28th September of his intention to implement the recommendations of the joint panel made after a comprehensive investigation into the allegations of assault against Commissioner Gorgi Mboob”, said Emmanuel Joof, Chairperson of the NHRC.

NHRC and members of the panel strongly believe that The Gambia Police Force and other law enforcement agencies will uphold the rule of law and human rights standards for the benefit of all Gambians and residents in The Gambia.

Presser Ends

A clear conscience fears no accusation - proverb from Sierra Leone
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Posted - 13 Dec 2023 :  14:02:59  Show Profile Send Momodou a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Inaa lillahi wa Inna ilayhi Raji'un

The death of Gorgi Mboob is announced today.

Gori Mboob was battling with a sickness. This Sad News occurred in the early hours of this morning, Wednesday.

The burial will take place
2:00 pm at Ebo Town

May Allah forgive his shortcoming and grant him Jannatul Firdawsi to all Departed Souls
Source: Block TV News

A clear conscience fears no accusation - proverb from Sierra Leone
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