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Posted - 03 Jul 2006 :  13:23:32  Show Profile  Visit aminomo's Homepage Send aminomo a Private Message

Monday 3 - July - 2006

Culled from:

Presentation of the leader of the Revolution delivered to the African literate and thinkers of his strategic intellectual vision for an African cultural Revolution aiming at preservation of constituents of the African identity with its historical roots
and pre-history civilizational heritage.

My best compliments are hereby addressed to my dear brother President Abdullah Wad and members of his cabinet who are present in this hall.

I likewise great all individuals of whole brother Senegalese people, men and women and I great the whole African Nation through the sisterly state, Senegal.

I thank you Mr. The President for your speech inaugurated this forum as I greet our whole brother President Alfa Konari, the chairman of the African Union Commission for his speech delivered the yesterday inauguration ceremony regarding the reference to my own self as / also thank all African leaders who attended the inauguration ceremony of this forum as well as all African literates.

I am really delighted and fully proud of their presence and accession of the invitation of our whole brother President Abdullah Wad, who is truly a professor, literate, revolutionist and a popular opponent leading the popular opposition that took power in Senegal, and who really understands the literates and their message and role. I thank Mr. The President for his rendering this notion which came into existence. I backed up him in Lumi when he firstly set forth this notion because I recognize how it is beneficial and presented by a person who is very keen for Africa, enlightened and a professor, namely President Abdullah Wad.
Fortunately the office of African Union Commission is held by President Alfa Konari, who is well-educated and a professor in history as well.

I said the foregoing words due to the fact that culture constitutes the problems of the third world countries, namely the un-enlightened rulers are the principal cause of underdevelopment and delay of prosperity, progress, democracy and stability in the third world countries and culture is too significant for leadership.
As a matter of fact I am very fond of this notion and presence and what makes me appreciate this assemblage that the presents came from remote areas worldwide and this makes me proud of the African literates as it also indicates the African nationalism.
These literates despite their existence and dispersion all over the continents of the globe, they are actually linked to the mother homeland, that is Africa and they are now present for the sole sake of Africa and exerting their best efforts to unify their continent and national homeland and push it forward in this epoch for Africa much underdeveloped due to external factors.
I am very confident of the African citizen in the sense that wherever he exists, he is firmly connected to his own homeland.
I am very sorry that I did not attend the historical ceremony, and my brother President Abdullah Wad knows and appreciates the courses behind that, and how I wished to join your gathering. However, through this interposition I would like to present only outlines and I would not like to elaborate. As I present for your kind attention these outlines, I hope that you may incorporate the same in your program and I will definitely welcome you at any time in your country Libya whether by representation or personal presence of you all.

I now see Africa is unifying and establishing its standing and prestige among the nations. This continent was much insulted, humiliated, enslaved and treated an animal treatment, and a treatment of slavery by the western racist whites, and this is deemed as tragedy.

You will firstly encounter the problem of language while creating the African Union.I appeal to the African literates to solve the problem of language in Africa, which is deemed as a fundamental and acute problem. We have two languages of communication, the official language and the popular language. The former is the language of colonization, English, French, Portuguese etc while the latter is the popular language through which we communicate , represented in the overall African accents that may reach up to 800 to 1000 accents. The official language we speak is written and has letters, while the popular and real African language is not written.

The dilemma that stands before us is that the popular language of our ancestors is not written and has no letters and this problem should be solved and such language should not be expressed in Latin letters because they will spoil the African language.

All non- Latin languages used the latin letter spoilt both the languages and the latin letter as seen in the Turkish language and some states which adopted latin letters such as Russia.

On the other hand however, the Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic letters entirely coincide with the meaning of the language. If the attempt to write Arabic language with latin letters, the meaning will gradually be wasted and so constituting a huge unsoundness.
Accordingly we should totally exclude the latin letter and consider our own mother tongue language and the African literates whether inside or abroad shall assume full responsibility for that and try to make the African language written on one hand and unify the same on the other hand.

We inevitably can not communicate with eight hundred or one thousand accents and our offspring can not be taught in that sense.

My viewpoint is that this problem can be solved in selecting the three or for prevailing languages and teach and generalize the same overall African schools and educational institutions and should insert these languages in the curriculum provided that they must be compulsory.

Africans prefer that, and we will have no longer a ruler or a government that could evaded this collectively adopted decision.
The language is too significant because our African religions, cultures, heritage, arts, music and folklore can not be communicated unless via languages of our ancestors, and if we lose these languages, we will certainly miss the connection and link with the heritage, past and roots.

I hope that you will be successful in solving this dilemma and of course there are some proposals forwarded by some African leaders to adopt three or four languages such as Swahili, Arabic and Honsa and generalize the same such that they shall be mandatory in whole Africa and at the same time we could continue teaching local languages. To be used on the popular level. This dilemma should be solved and I hereby request you to pay full attention and much concern thereto, otherwise we will lose the past and be air-suspended without roots.

The second aspect is the African religion. It is shameful to allege that Africa only knew God after the western colonization and Christian teachings. This constitutes a huge historical fallacy and you as literates understand this very well. How could Africa only knew God after Berlin conference in 1885 ? Africa knew God before Berlin conference and even before Berlin was built and before Europe was populated.

Africa knows God. I conducted a study on the African theology and religions and found out that they are idolatrous as they were alleged not to be.

On the contrary such religions are no monotheist, they are the religions of Ibrahim’s peace be upon him, the true religion that was finalized by Mohamed , the last prophet.

African religions are monotheist and divine oneness calling religions and it seems that there was inspiration, prophets in the auscient time and I made a comparison between the Koran and the other African religions and concluded that all of them are monotheist religions and coincide up to a great extent with the Islam.

Namely found the ninety nine names or “attributes” of God in the African religions such as the God, the Donor, the Creator, the One ( God), the Highest, the Holder etc.

For instance when we say “Old Mary” in (Europa) tribes in Nigeria in west Africa we shall mean the One Eternal God on whom we totally depend and all such words are mentioned in Koran.

”Aris” in (Europa) tribes also means the sole source of existence and this also means the first Creator and for “Lobians” means the Creator who is created by nobody and all that is mentioned in Koran.

The word “Jubi” in Tambuka Malawi means the Grantor or the Donor as similarly mentioned in Koran. “Kajinjo” in Uganda means the Master of the Universe and the same is likewise mentioned in Koran.

“Rushuburafos” in Boraundi means the Holder and the Owner of the Resurrection Day and “Niakalga” in Kenya means the Eternal, “Wac” in Ethiopia means the Master of the Universe, “Lifi” in Mandi / Serraleon means the Highest Creator.All the fore going words mentioned in the different African religions were similarly mentioned in Koran.

With regard to the African religion, we should go back to our African religion which the West call the religion of the forest , let it be so.

We stand in need for cultural revolution to bring us back to the language and monotheist religions and I will assume full responsibility for that.

I am a believer and Muslim and cognizant of the fact that the return to African religions is by definition a return to the True Religions , the pure religion free from polytheism and shame.

The west pretends that we only knew God after western colonization and that the west made us know God, Christianity and religion.

Having reviewed the aspects of language and religion we will now handle other things involving no comparison from moral point of view but they are considered necessary.

The third aspect is the African cottage and I wish that African literates and engineers would adopt a program to prevent the vanishing of the African cottage. I hope that such cottage shall not be replaced by cement, reinforced concrete and buildings that suit Scandinavia , Iseland, Greenland and Alaska. Such buildings should not be brought to Africa for they are not convenient to it.
The African cottage suits the African environment, climate and customs and it is very hygienic and is made up of cheap available domestic materials as it is also erected by the family itself.

We lived hundred of years in such cottages and no damages did affect us but on the contrary we are very healthy and powerful and the cottage is at the same time hygienic and needs no air-conditions to be imported from Europe nor gas to operate such air-conditions and needs no artificial ventilation because its ventilation is natural.

I hope that the African cottage will be preserved and relevant studies relating to environment and protection will be conducted in an attempt to preserve the African cottage.

I visited via land transportation means a huge numbers of African areas and called on numerous areas in West, East, South and Central Africa and as many cottages in the outspread African villages and talked to their inhabitants and members of families where I found each family had a cottage for the kitchen, a cottage for the living room and a cottage for the bedroom and animals were kept in another position.

It happened that when I was joking with an African citizen I asked him whether we could grant him a magnificent car, without knowing whether he had an idea about a stately car such as cardilac , Mercedes, Rollyroise and he replied : never I need no car and I have nothing to do with it, I am quite stable, and satisfying all my needs. I again asked again id we could construct a paved road for him and he replied : I have nothing to do with a paved road, leave my land as it is , I have fruit trees, and if I wish I am cultivate grains, I have few animals living beneath these threes, the rain falls and should I need water, the river is nearby, I live in a cottage and walk on foot and I do not stand in need for neither a paved road nor a magnificent car.

Thus if we make a paved road for this man or grant him a car and apply a reinforced concrete to replace his cottage we will by this bring him into hell, the hell of reinforced concrete.

Please preserve the African Cottage.
I am hopeful that your historical forum will carefully tackle aspects of language , religion and the African costume which should not be substituted by the European costume because the climate and buildings of Europe differ from their counterparts in Africa.
We walk on foot and ride on animals while they ride on artificial satellites and trains. When we create the space pioneer of Africa, we can then dress him the appeared of the space pioneer. However, for the time being our offspring, women, and old men should cling to the African costume which was mainly created to suit the African environment and climate. I hope that you many not one day make it strange and a monstrosity will take place. We had monstrosity in the religion, a monstrosity in the language and may have monstrosity in the accommodation and costume and then food, drink and kitchen are to follow.

Our African cuisine and food should remain unchanged and both Europe and America must not attract us and we should not go to their restaurants and watch then eating cockroach and frogs and cooking different types of food that suits them but not us whereas many types of food eaten in Europe could cause death if tried in Africa.

Once I was in Britain for course attendance organized in 1966 when I was a lieutenant in the army, it happened that I heared few fathers advising their sons not to eat pork in the calendar months not containing the letter (R) , namely May, June, July and August.

Why? Because these four months are the summer months and as long as it is summer time, the pork will be harmful and detrimental.

We, as living in hot countries , when are fed with pork that will inevitably result in a tremendous damage.

Our African Kitchen and food suit our nature, environment, animals which we eat their meat and drink their milk as well as our land, soil, and plants and I fear that the westerners may disrobe or strip us off all these constituents. I hope that Africa should have an authoritative source and stability.

I have a web site named : [Ghad’afi speaks/www./Ghad’] available in Arabic, English and French Languages. In this web site I always write my ideas for the hole world and in this instance I wrote about authoritative source and stability in Africa, please visit this web site.

Africa needs stability. As you all know Africa passed after colonization through the liberation phase at the hands of historical unique leaders such as Mikroma, Ben Bella, Nasser, Niriri, Nikita, Lumamba, Modibo Kita, Kenneth Kounda etc. Those leaders liberated their people and did possess a liberation and revolutionary programs. They set up the foundation and continued in the implementation trial. They agreed to establish the organization of African Unity (OAU) and so they are the founding fathers of (OAU).

The colonization conspired against these leaders and decided to overthrow and replace them by agents or traitors.
Actually Kuami Nikroma was overthrow and Lumamba was assassinated, Modibo Kita was other thrown, sixty trials and about forty trials of assassination were made against Journal Abdulnasser and Ahmed Sekaturi respectively.

I would not like to mention all of the leaders for there may be a sensitivity.
What is important is that the African revolutionary leaders were in the golden era of Africa and who laid the foundation stone of the organization of African Unity (OAU) as well as the liberation will and determination to unify Africa and make for its progress and prosperity but the colonization conspired against and other threw them.

Africa entered thereafter the phase of military coups and in fact the new rulers of Africa became military rulers knowing nothing other than military sciences and sometimes were noncommissioned officers promoted to officers ranks.

Leadership became very meager in Africa because this class is far away from politics, economics, sociology, thecnocrate , bureaucracy , management and science. So Africa passed through the phase of military coups farce and I was a witness for that.
Every African country was contemporaneous with three, four or five military coups and no standard or tangible finding were realized from such coups which caused instability in Africa.

The third phase through which Africa passed is the phase of multi party system and elections.
Military coups are similar to elections and elections are similar to military coups and this is a rythmed prose in the language. Instability was prevailing, and every four years a new president will float to the surface and whoever had a definite program desired to be performed failed in that end. We thereafter witnessed the limitation of constitutions. The constitution stipulates that no president shall be entitled to be re-elected for more than twice. Why? Suppose that the president was serviceable, should we restrain they will off the people and order his deposition after being re-elected twice? The way must be paved for him and in my opinion the African constitutions should be amended and should not act arbitrarily against they will of the people. If the people decided to re-elect the president one, twice or even ten times, the constitution must allow the same. Why should we deprive the people from a serviceable president who has a beneficial program and wants to implement it.

Nevertheless for this president to implement his progressive program in favor of his country, he will be compelled to collide and cede that program to another one which might be contrary to the first program and lay it in ruins.

Elections provide us no stability and we did not get use thereof, while multiparty system is formal and it is a mere accession to the orders of the west, World Bank, WTO,IMF,EU and USA. They make their aids and loans conditions to set up liberal democracy and multiparty system. We can not establish multiparty system arbitrarily. No multiplicity was witnessed in America, Britain, Spain or Italy and we have only a single ruling party in these states.

America may be ruled and governed by a single president and a single party and in fact there are only tow parties in America in addition to few classical parties which are in fact merely pulpits and not read political parties.

Africa does not know parties, we are tribes and almost closer to people’s conferences and committees which suit us better than parties. Our people do not know neither parties nor elections.

Four instance, Egypt is an independent and ancient country but the fact that when elections were held in the Egyptian countryside, an Egyptian voter was asked for whom he would vote? He replied that he would vote to Saad Zaglul, who passed away in 1920 and who led the 1919 Revolution and who is still latent in the intellects of farmers. Thus this Egyptian voter did not know that Saad Zaglul had been dead since tens of years ago.

In an African country adjacent to us photographs of elections candidates were distributed among people so that they could identify them and see the photos on the box of ballot.

I however happened that the voters took the photos to their homes and suspended them on walls and when they were asked of their abstention of voting, they answered that they had thought elections just mains taking the candidate photos and suspend the same on house walls.

Even referendum is ignored by our people because it doses not suit the African masses. As matter of fact we were involved in the second instability phase, namely the phase of elections and multiparty system and after the failure of this phase was conspicuously proved, we entered into the phase of mutiny and military coups in the following sequencial order:
Coups ….. elections… mutiny ……etc having an elected president unable to complete his Presidential period due to mutiny movements and we have a lot of examples for such cases : in ivory coast we have an elected president who was overthrown, in Ghine Pissow, Sawtumi and Pernasib were overthrown and the latter was brought back to power by means of West Africa Group and in Central Africa the elected President was also overthrown.

Currently there are numerous mutiny movements such as in the Sudan, Chad, Bourandi, Rwanda, and Uganda.
Thus elections did not solve the outstanding problems. We badly need stability which shall entail or necessitate firmness in the political leadership. The authority shall be only for the people themselves via people’s conferences and committees which are firm and constant, the people are constant, the masses are constant and consequently the authority should be handed to the constant and firm people and to the firm and constant people’s conferences and committees.

After securing stability, firmness and constancy, there will come that what is so- called the authoritative source that is needed at times of shortcomings and upsets such as what took place in Sera Leon, Liberia, Central Africa and Bourandi.

Authoritative source is too significant in Africa and you see in some countries of the world there is for example a king or a queen that has nothing to do with the Executive or Legislative Power but he / she is dealt with as a reserve reference to be resorted to at times of disagreements of the said powers in order to finally settle the disputed matter. The already elected nominees shall necessarily require the approval and signature of this king or queen.

This reference or authoritative source is missed in Africa and it will not necessarily be embodied in human beings such as permanent kings or presidents, but it may also be in almost questionable in Africa.

European and other countries worldwide have such references or authoritative sources whether royal or presidential permanent bodies and which have no relation with the Executive, Legislative or Judiciary Powers but stand as a reference recoursed thereto.
Every European country has a legal authoritative source such as the Supreme Court, constitutional court, the state tribunal of which laws are binding.

We have no neutral or binding court and we have not yet reached a stage in which we respect the court and its decisions.
Afterwards and in order to have a link between the Mother Africa and foreign states in which you stay we should have a single Africa foreign ministry, a single economy ministry and a single defense and that will ultimately lead to unity of negotiation situation.

President Abdullah Wad told you yesterday that when foreign companies came to Senegal for oil drilling and exploration, they set several conditions such that the share of the foreign companies should be 85% while the share of the Senegalese government should be ranging from 15% to 10%. The Senegalese President rejected that and said that oil shall remain underground for the forthcoming generations who will be in a better situation enabling them to negotiate such that the share of the Senegalese nation should be 80% while the share of the foreign company should range from 20% to 15%.

This shall be deemed as a proper and intact situation and oil shall better be unexplored than be looted by foreign companies. This is the same situation which had been in Libya but inverted after the outbreak of the Revolution.

However, the secret is that actually every African country separately has no a strong negotiation situation. Where is the Power of Libya, Senegal, Gambia, Malawi, or Bourandi in front of the American giant, the European giant, Japan, China or the commonwealth or Asian States; or in front of the new or independent states of the former Soviet Union or the Indian Ocean States? What is our negotiation power in front of these giants? There will be no possibility or capability unless by a firm and unified African situation and that shall only be feasible if we are to have a single foreign minister for Africa and a single foreign trade minister for Africa and even the Customs Department shall be unified. That is to say the goods which enter into Libya shall be subject to the same customs tariff of the goods that enter into South Africa.

When we have a single foreign ministry, it will be easier to contact you while you are abroad and will have a liaison medium to contact you abroad.

We should also have a single African defense.
Economy , Foreign Trade, Foreign Policy are all interlocked and I hope that your current forum will issue what may back up these ideas and I hope you will exercise continuos pressure on the governments which are members of the Great African Union until they shall reach such a decision to create a single foreign ministry, a single foreign trade ministry and a single defense ministry in Africa.

I, of course, put forward at the creation of the African Union the notion of creation of the African Congress which will be a natural extension for the African National Conference in most of the African countries and which was created during the liberation phase. Under this organization many African countries were liberated by virtue of certain liberation movements such as LINC in South Africa.

The denomination of the “African Congress” entered in almost all African countries at time of liberation and I adopted this denomination of the “ African Congress” such that it will match the American Congress and have powers in decision –making so that power shall return back to the African nation, the African People and the ordinary African Citizens who is the Congress member.

Unfortunately they mad up an African Advisory Parliament without powers and I hope that this will develop and Powers will be delegated thereto but again there is a necessity for a real African Congress.
Why we fear the Authority of the African Congress?

You while living abroad are susceptible to good lucks and chances and one or number of you many hold key offices in the United States of America, Latin America, Central America or Europe. Yet what I am observing is that once a black young man holds a icy position he will not act as we wish or expect. On the contrary he will exaggerate in his a allegiance to Europe or America whereas to be a Yankee more better than the Yankees themselves. Why do we adulate to them. WE have a good model embodied in the Jews in America. They are too fanatic to the State that had unilaterally been established in 1948, the so0 called Israel state. They exploit the whole capabilities of America to support this state but that shall not make them cede their American nationality or cede their allegiance to America.

They did not even use terrorism, violence, force or separation. Yes they are exaggerating in the American citizenship in order to use the same for the benefit and interest of their mother home land.
Why the black man who holds a key position in the USA or Europe dos not use his ascribed citizenship in favor of his mother homeland, which is Africa?

This is a mine that must be set off. We should not keep silent towards the truth and discussion should be made even in America itself. Why we find the black man ashamed and embarrassed in America? America is not only for the whites , but it is for all. Who is the America? The American is you, me and that. When we go to America we will become Americans and there is no a race or nationalism called America and the Americans are those Africans, Indians, Chinese, and Europeans and whoever goes to America will become American. The land “ America” is the original land of the Red Indians who are neither Yankees nor white. The Red Indians has immigrated from Asia and Africa and they are well known.

Finiks immigrated to America and later were called Indians but they are not Indians, for this is a mistake. They thought that the land they reached was India and its population and inhabitants were red, but they were not the Red Indians who are the original population of America.

We now call these Finiks the Red Indians but they are not the Red Indians. The Red Indians are as I have just mentioned the original population of the land while others shall not be entitled to monopolize the power or wealth or even America for themselves.

We are all equal or the colored. American is for all of us and the whole world had made and created America. All the people all over the world had made America and it shall accordingly be for all of us. I will never feel ashamed when I claim for my right in America and it will not be strange when I raise my voice in America.

This means that you are black and American citizen regardless of the circumstances which made you reach America and such circumstances are also well known.

Nevertheless you are an American citizen, so why you will be ashamed and embarrassed and at the same time adulate to the whites and Yankees for the sole sake of preserving the position you hold and in order that they will content with you? They have not the right to content or not content with you.

You yourself when feeling no contentedness will definitely constitute a danger for them because you can claim back the separation and revenge for they had transferred you from your mother continent and mother home land as animals are done and they had loaded you in ships as slaves and they further loaded us in terms of weight and muscles as if we were mules. We backfilled their marshes, constructed their railways and built America and Europe.

They should compliment us, be courteous to us and adulate to us because they harmed our grandfathers and caused misfortune to them.

They thought that we would keep silent and be satisfied with the American nationality and that we forgot slavery and forgot the fact that our forefathers were thrown down into the ocean and were so hunted by nets. We shall never forget that and you should watch the Roots movie and review a snapshot of it and of this tragedy.

I have some very short remaining observations and in this occasion I ask the African literates to receive the Green Book, study it carefully and demand its implementation in Africa in order to avoid all negative aspects.
We are attempting to build up Africa without self experiment and with blind imitation and we have no an environment that suits such imported political, economic and social things.

I hope you will read the Green Book and that we will return to the Authority of the people.
I will likewise hopefully ask my brothers President Abdullah Wad and President Konary to assist their brothers the African literates overspread worldwide in creating a front or association through which will be able to contact them, and contact a certain body and not be so dispersed as individuals.

As I mentioned before the Jews wherever they live and despite their allegiance to the countries in which they live and have citizenship, they exploit the capabilities of such countries for the benefit and interest of their mother homeland as they think. We the Africans should be like them such that to over allegiance to the countries in which we live but at the same time use such allegiance for the benefit of our Mother continent and mother homeland.

I hope you will strongly call for the acceleration of the creation of the United states to Africa.
We should not say that the African states are too much and it will be difficult to unify the same, but on the contrary our volume is equivalent to a single state.

We are a single nation, and have a single color, a single language and a single identity and we shall never accept ethic racism in Africa and they are no numerous races in Africa, there is only one race in Africa and even those who came from elsewhere and established home in Africa because African. The Arabs who came to North Africa are now Africans in defiance of them. The Arabs who came to this land 5000 years ago and the Berbers Arabs who came to this land after Islam and since 1000 years ago shall have a black color in spite of them in the future and they are Africans such as the nations which preceded them.

That is to say there are many Arab Nations who entered into Africa and they do not now know their origins is Arabic in addition to Indian citizens and nationals from Indonesia who do not now say we are Indonesians or Indians but they say we are Africans. Thus there is a pressing and exigent necessity for a single African identity, a single African color, a single African religion, a single African language, a single African foreign ministry and a single African defense and we should be careful for that and should further accelerate the creation of the United States of Africa.

Afterwards we must touch the issue of the missed cadres where we send our students to study abroad and do not come back after being educated. They will find laboratories and sophisticated technology in these countries and never find the same in Africa.
This is a very big loss for us and merely means that we educate our offspring in the kindergartens, elementary, preparatory and secondary schools and universities for the sole interest and benefits of the colonial states.

After the student will be graduated, he is sent abroad for postgraduate studies and remains there and we will lose. This is a dilemma and we should carefully consider it and in the first place whom so ever we missed shall join the Africans who are staying aboard, and that missed cadre should be adopted by you so that his ascribed science shall be exploited for the benefit of the African Continent as well as his own nation state, his relatives and tribe which sustained him since his childhood until his graduation. He shall not abandon his relatives and nation and gift his capabilities and science to the foreign and colonial states. Please consider that.

The dilemma of those Africans whom are educated and remained outside Africa in the service of colonial state should be solved. Firstly you must subjoin them into the African foreign forum, front or association or whatever else nomination.
In countries like Australia and other countries in North or South American Continents we find the Africans are the original population but the whites are predominating them as if such zones were originally for the white race. This should not continue. How that we are existing in those Islams around Africa and in many other countries as the original population therein and are at the same time stranger?

Why shall are remain strangers in the USA, Australia, Canari Islands, Malfians and in Rinions,? These are our own countries , we live therein, we are the origin and the original population of these countries where we had went out from Africa to find such countries empty and we remained there before they went frequently thereto.

I would like to recall our glory, history and civilization so that we can be outfitted with them to encounter the challenges and build self confidence.

We are neither staves nor animals and know our God before they do. We have civilizations before them and I hereby recall the empires of Yaroba, Kongo, Pakuba, Lowba, Dahumi, Ghana, Plund, Massiri, Mali, Kush , Marawi, Nebta, Sixion, before Christ and empires of Fujo, Amhara, Tigrai and Kingdoms of Ashanti, Fanti, Savana, Brir and Kitara as well as the Zuln and Zimbabwi Empires and so many other empires which witness that we are a civilized nation and the antiquities and sculptures still exist.

We are the nation that had never worshipped any idol and Africa ha no idols but monotheist religions with exceptional cases in Ashanti Kingdom where antiquities of idols were found but other than there are no idols in Africa but true religions.

I do hereby great this gathering of which I am very proud. I lend a helping hand to you and your sisterly state Libya at your disposal and service and at the disposal and service of your stand and country.

I also greet my brother the President Abdullah Wad the dynamic and enlightened leader and I greet my brother the President Professor Konari who understands the literates very well. These presidents adopted such business and we only assisted them.
A the last note, it happened that I once asked all the African countries to tell me what is the country of Gibreal who has executed in the year 1800 because he led a red revolution in America against servitude, He planned for that revolution and attacked with the help of thousands of black slaves Ritchmound city in Virginia in order to establish an independent state for the blacks [ the Green Books says : the Blacks will become the masters of the world].

Gibreal was arrested and executed. I was seeking for his nation country in order to make a monument for his in the year 2000 which corresponds to the 200th anniversary of his execution.

I have not yet received any answer and you are kindly requested to take this information and help me in knowing the country of this leader in order to make a monument for him in his African country.

I greet you, peace be upon you, long live Africa and long live the United States of Africa.

…..Struggle is to continue ……


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