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Scholarship Program

GESO scholarship program seeks to provide material and financial assistance to needy elementary and secondary school students attending schools in the Gambia. (see the news page)

A key element of the program is to award ten (10) scholarships in the form of grants each year to 5 elementary and 5 secondary school students. The scholarships will cover cost of tuition, books, school uniforms and meals for duration of no more than six years for elementary student and 3 years for secondary school students. Grants will not cover medical expenses of students or other costs outside school. The first of these scholarships will be awarded Fall 1999.

Notifying the public

The scholarship program will be publicized using newspaper, public radio and television. On March 1 each year the availability of the scholarships will be announced using the above media. Official application forms will be made available at Head masters offices and offices of secondary school principals. GESO-Gambia office will also keep forms.

Children in Grade 6


GESO scholarships are designed for school-age kids whose families cannot afford to pay for their schooling and who meet the following criteria:

  • Under 15 years of age and attending elementary and secondary school in the Gambia
  • Demonstrated that severe economic hardship faced by the students family would prevent him/her from attending school.
  • Have been nominated by Head teacher of the elementary school or Principal of the Secondary school he/she is attending.

How to apply

All individuals wishing to apply must complete a formal application package. This will be made available at every elementary and secondary school in the Gambia and the GESO regional office based in the Gambia. The package includes:

  • Applicants bio-data form
  • Statement from family indicating financial situation. This will be countersigned by the head of the Area Council responsible for tax collection in the rural Gambia.
  • Letter of nomination from the Head teacher or Principal of the school outlining the nature of the student’s financial situation.

Review and selection criteria

Selection will be based on financial need. Given that a disproportionate number of girls drop out school each than boys in the Gambia, when two applicants with similar financial needs are faced, girls will be given priority.

Applications will be received by the Coordinator GESO-Gambia. This office will conduct the preliminary review of applications to confirm completion of package and eligibility. The list of eligible candidates will be forwarded to the GESO Executive Committee based in the United States to make the final selection. Final selection will be made during the Executive Committee meeting.

Families of selected candidates will be informed directly by the regional coordinator GESO-Gambia. Funds are paid directly to the school the selected students are attending with the custodian of GESO funds and the Executive Director signing the checks. Schools will be required to provide regular progress reports to the GESO Executive Committee through the office of the Coordinator, GESO-Gambia. GESO-Gambia office will make annual visit to all schools with GESO supported student to verify proper use of GESO funds.

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