GESO Activity Plan.

Focus 1:

Program for Institutions in Education.

The long-term goal of this focus is to help upgrade library and laboratory facilities (including computer) facilities in selected schools and institutions. The activities will be implemented concurrently. With some initiatives already being discussed every effort will be made to make those the priority. These are the Gambia College Library and Computer facilities initiative and the Give-a-book drive.

Activity 1.1 Gambia College library support

Several members have reported the poor state of the Gambia College library. The Primary objective of this activity is to provide the College Library with basic textbooks and reference material. To realize this objective, the organization will:
Collect books from members and the public each year in yearly book runs.
Approach agencies and other bodies for assistance in transportation of these books.

Begins: April 1998. Books are assembled at assembly points in the US awaiting shipment.

Activity 1.2 Computer facility upgrade

The objective of this activity is to donate 10 computers to Gambia College, the National Library system and secondary schools in the Country over a 5 year period.

Activity 1.3 School classroom support

The aim of this activity is to provide classroom materials and textbooks to selected Primary and Junior Secondary schools each.

Activity begins: fall 2000
Cost of activity: not determined

Focus 2: Program for Individual Development

The goal of this is to support students in need. To achieve this, the organization will provide financial assistance through short grants and scholarships, stationery and book award to students in financial difficulties. The organization will set up a Students Advisory and Mentorship Program to advice students.

Activity 2.1 Adopt a student/pupil.

This is the first activity the organization will undertake. The Organization will sponsor 10 students, 5 at

Elementary and 5 at Secondary school each year beginning fall 1999. The sponsorship would be in the form of scholarship grants for the payment of tuition, books, meals and uniforms. Recipients will have to demonstrate they are in considerable financial hardship (Please see GESO Scholarship guidelines). The office of the co-ordinator for GESO-Gambia zone will oversee the receipt of applications.

Cost of funding 5 Secondary School students at $150 per student per year amounts to $750. Cost of funding Primary school students is estimated at $50 per student per year. This amounts to $250 per year.

Cost of year 1 sponsorship.

5 Student @ $150 - $750

5 Pupils @ $50 = $250

Starting 1999, competitions will be supported in essay writing, science and art projects and award granted. Awards in these competitions will be in the form of one-time awards.

Activity 2.1 Mentor and Guidance activity

It is the belief that members of this Organization are notable role models to many Gambian students. The purpose of this activity is to take advantage of this relationship. The objective is to established contact between students particularly Senior Secondary school students and those established in their intended careers. The activity will also focus on advising students on matters such as careers, courses and study abroad. A Working Committee to compile guidelines on careers, scholarships and study abroad.

Focus 3: Education Information Program

A comprehensive information on education in the Gambia is vital for planning and development of the system. The goal of this focus is to facilitate access to basic information on education such as school enrolment, student-teacher ratio, as well as laboratory and classroom facilities. It is hoped that easy access to such data would assist planners aid organizations in determining eligibility.

Personnel requirement: 5 member working group.

Activity 3.1 Develop and maintain an Internet Education Resource Center for the Gambia

The primary objective of this activity is to develop a web page to publish basic information database on education in the Gambia. The directory contain information on school enrolment; number of teachers and qualification; The database will contain information on all schools from Primary to Higher Education Institutions.

A database of Gambian professionals abroad

The purpose of this is to develop and maintain a database on Gambian professionals around the world. It is hoped that the Organization will convince employers in the Gambia will in the future find the Organization a resource pool. To that effect maintaining such a database will facilitate access to the many qualified Gambians. It is important to note that entry in this database will be purely voluntary and will include names, profession (or intended profession), and contact address.

Personnel requirement. All work will be done by volunteers.

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