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About GESO

The Gambia Education Support Organization, GESO is a not-for-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to supporting education in the Gambia. GESO was established in 1998 after some G-L members voiced out the need to set up an organization to support education in the Gambia. GESO's goal is to provide intellectual, financial, moral and material support to individuals and organizations in education in the Gambia. To the effect GESO has organized itself into Chapters in N. America, UK, Denmark and Gambia. Some of the chapters have organized collection and transportation of used computers to the Gambia. Others organized fundraisers to support students in the Gambia.

GESO's most active program is the Program for Individual Development. The progam is aimed at supporting individuals particularly pupils who are identified to be at risk of dropping out of school because they cannot afford school fees. We successfully sponsored a number of students across the country and we still have some money to support more students.

The organization relies on member contribution (time, money or other resources) to give a lending hand.
We had hoped that as membership grow and more people volunteer their time, GESO would in addition to its scholarship program, establish other activities such as classroom and library support, database of Gambia experts in the diaspora - to help improve networking in the event that our service is needed.

GESO’S main handicap is lack of volunteer members. We need people to contribute money (membership), time and ideas. As a volunteer organization we rely totally on our membership to implement the many good ideas in our action plan. To name a few we need webpage designers to help with GESO’s website, fundraising and marketing experts to help sell our ideas and recruit members, experts in education and training to volunteer their time. As the saying goes we need the entire village to raise this child.


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