The Gambian Socio-Cultural Association in Denmark held its 3rd annual Gambian Cultural Week in Copengen from July 11th, to July 13th, 1997. This year's event lasted for three days and was attended by Gambian Organizations from Århus (Denmark), Malmö (Sweden), Helsingborg (Sweden), Gothenburg (Sweden) and Stockholm.
Sabarr at Blejdamsvej

At the "Sabarr" drumming

The main events had been "Sabarr" (Drum-beating) on Friday July 11th and football matches between the various Gambian football teams on Saturday July 12th.

You can view more photographs from the cultural Week here!!

The first football match on Saturday was between a unified Copenhagen/Århus team against Helsingborg/Malmö team which ended with a draw 3 - 3.
The second match was between Copenhagen team B against Göteburg, and also ended a draw 1 - 1.
The main excitement was the match between Stockholm with veteran Saho as their goal keeper against Copenhagen A, with players such as Azis Corr and Sheriff Ceesay of the scorpions. The guests lost by 3 - 1 to the hosts.

Other events include a competition in Ludo and Draft (Damm), Video film and a trip to an entertain park with the children.
Unfurtunately the Gambians in Norway could not attend because they also had a similar event in Bergen at the same time.

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